• Daily practice of games.
• College Inter-Technologies sports (Annual Sports).
• Practice Matches with other institutions and clubs.
• TEVTA District sports.
• TEVTA Inter-District Zonal sports.
• Inter-Zonal TEVTA sports.
• Participation of selected players in the Inter-Board sports.
• Participation of players in the different sports tournaments Divisional, Punjab and National level.

It is widely acknowledged that physical education is an integral part of Technical Education. Education through organized physical activities e.g Sports, Games etc. build up the personality, knowledge, mental and physical health of the students. As per government policy Director Physical Education and play grounds are the part and parcel for each institution. In this college two competent and well experienced directors physical education are performing their duties with full dedication. The college provides ample facilities to the students for participation in all type of games and sports e.g Football, Hockey, Cricket, Kabaddi, Basketball, Handball, Taekwondo, Badminton, Table Tennis, and Athletics. Moreover Directors Physical Education conduct periods of physical education and sports of all classes / technologies regularly. A sports committee is consituted to accelerate the sports activities of the institution. Best players of the college are awarded scholorships and fee concession as per rules.

Owing to brilliant achievements in sports our college is one of the prominent institution of TEVTA in the Punjab. This college has produced so many players of such standard who took part in different games at Divisional, Provincial, National and International level.