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Computer Information Department

Engr. Habib Ahmad Department of Computer Information was founded in 2001 with a commitment to provide high-end state of the art IT related education in Bahawalpur region of the Punjab. Today, the department has evolved into a renowned and highly respected education center with a strong commitment to provide quality education. As a leading department of IT education, CIT acknowledges that learning is a life-long process and the educational foundation that it provides for its students is one on which one can build a life-time of curiosity, professional success and responsibility. One of our most distinctive qualities is the close learning relationship that our students and faculty have and as the place where everybody is somebody, the focus here at CIT is on every student. The department is offering Diploma of Associate Engineer in Computer Information and short courses in CCA& CCNA. The syllabus of DAE Computer Information almost covers all the basic subjects of Computer Systems, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

Engr. Habib Ahmad







Engr. Shoaib Ahmed
(Instructor) MSc.Engr


Engr. Moheesa Aemon
(Lab Manager)

MSc. Engr


M Usman (Instructor)


Abdul Ghaffar Sharif
(Jr. Instructor) DAE


M Mohsin (Jr.Instructor)

Usman Dilshad

Hafiz Usman Dilshad (Jr.Instructor)


Mahsood Mahmood (Jr.Instructor)


  Communication Lab

  Software Lab

  Computer Hardware Lab

  Computer Lab-I

  Computer Lab-II

Courses Offered

  Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE)

  Short Course in Web Designing

  Short Course in Computer Applications

  Short Course in Network Technician

  Short Course in Hardware Technician

Scheme Of Study DAe

First Year

Code Subject Title T P C
Gen-111 Islamic/Pakistan Studies 1 0 1
Eng-112 Communication Skill 1 0 1
Math-123 Applied Mathematics 3 0 3
Phy-132 Applied Physics 2 3 3
OHSE-101 Occupational Health, Safety & Environment 1 0 1
CIT-112 Computer Application Software 0 6 2
CIT-123 Introduction to Computer Programming 2 3 3
CIT-131 General Engineering Workshop 0 3 1
CIT-143 Linear cent and Basic Electronics 2 3 3
CH-132 Applied Chemistry 1 3 2
Total Credits 20

Second Year

Code Subject Title T P C
Gen-211 Islamic/Pakistan Studies 1 0 1
Mgm-211 Business Communication 1 0 1
Math-233 Applied Mathematic-II 3 0 3
CIT-213 Object Oriented programming 2 3 3
CIT-225 Microprocessor Architecture 3 6 5
CIT-233 Data Communication and Networks 2 3 3
CIT-243 Analog Electronics 2 3 3
CIT-253 Digital Electronics 2 3 3
Total Credits 22

Third Year

Code Subject Title T P C
Gen-311 Islamic/Pakistan Studies 1 0 1
Eng-311 Technical Report Writing 1 0 1
Mgm-331 Management 1 0 1
CIT-313 Network Administration 2 3 3
CIT-323 Operating System 2 3 3
CIT-332 Web Page Development and E-commerce 1 3 3
CIT-342 PC- System Architecture 2 0 2
CIT-353 PC- System and Peripherals Repair 2 6 4
CIT-363 Project 0 9 3
Total Credits 20

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